Vita Collagen Complex®

From Mrs. T. G. aus den USA, April 2023.
“I appreciate you offering the special vitamins I like and the Vita Collagen Plus drink.
I swim about 2 hours a day (an hour in the morning and an hour before bed), and this supplement seems to keep my joints and muscles strong and very well supported, so I don’t feel any pain or fatigue.
And I am told that my skin looks fantastic and makes me look about 20 years younger.
I am very grateful for that.
She uses Vita Collagen Complex Plus and Vita Energy Complex for women.

The Vita Collagen-Family:
» Vita Collagen Complex Drink
» Vita Collagen Complex PLUS
» Vita Pro Collagen Capsules
» Vita Collagen Hair & Nails

The vital substances for YOUR beauty!

Achieve a flawless complexion in just two months.
Firms the connective tissue and tightens the skin.
Anti-aging, thanks to high hyaluron content.
Pure and spotless skin. Increases skin moisture
and skin elasticity, reduces inflammation.

Natural vital substances in Swiss quality.

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